Monday, December 4, 2017

Weekend in San Fransico

I went to San Francisco the weekend before thanksgiving with my parents to get my Visa! Success! It was kinda cold while we were there but not unbearable. Much warmer than Idaho. It was a truly great trip. San Francisco is beautiful and a wonderful adventure. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

The pictures above and below are from Fisherman's Wharf and the ride over to Alcatraz.

To Alkatraz I wore my favourtie loft jeans, and my go to white chiffon button-up from H&M. My Coat and scarf are from Dillards, and my boots are my go to Franco Sartos 

The Picture above is from the Maritime National Park and the photo below is from Union Square. 

My outfit the second day included my favourtie Forever 21 cigarette pants, and this cute top from Loft. I went with my go to boots again. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Falling for October

Wow! Don't you just love fall! Well I definitely do. It is by far my favourite season. The fashion is fabulous, the trees are stunning, the cozy drinks are perfect (salted caramel mocha), and nothing beats a nice cozy jumper when you don't know what to wear. 
I was ecstatic for the new season and just went all out with an autumn inspired outfit. 

So my jeans are Lucky Brand, and my rust orange t-shirt is from Forever 21. Both my shawl and my necklace are from TopShop, and my shoes are from Forever 21. My hat (which I love) is from Nordstrom.

To round off the day I had to go to District Coffee House (The best coffee shop in Boise in my opinion) and get a chai tea latte and a warm croissant

As fall settles in, don't forget to appreciate all the gifts that God has given us. Be thankful for the times spent with family and friends, and the moments spent just with yourself. Don't waste the time you've been given and make the most of each day.

Love, Mary

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Secret Garden

I went to the Botanical Gardens with my parents, and I based my outfit around this. I wanted something super dreamy and soft. I kind of wanted it to seem like a fairy-tale. The iron gates, beautiful roses, and soft greenery really helped to create the atmosphere that I was aiming for, and the outfit complemented it perfectly. I truly felt like I was in a fantasy!

The top is from Express, and the chiffon skirt is from TJ Maxx. My shoes are my go to's from Charlotte Russe. If there is one thing I regret it is not choosing to invest in a pair of these shoes, and just going for the cheap ones. They are my favourite shoes I own, and I cannot get enough of them. They go with everything. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Saturday in Sun Valley

This last Saturday I decided  to drive up to Ketchum, Idaho and meet my parents there. It was my day off so it was a great way to get out and relax, while still making the most of the day. While we were there we drove up to the Sun Valley resort and saw some ice skating (yes in the middle of summer). It was truly an amazing day, and the weather was so much more pleasant than it has been here; only about 80 F. This gave me a little more room with what I could wear.

So my dress is from Abercrombie and Fitch, but it is second hand. It has a cool layer affect so that there is a main bodice, but the back layer drapes over it. My bralette is from Victoria's Secret and my cardigan is from DownEast Basics. They are both go to pieces for me. My shoes are from H&M and I talked about them in my video on my YouTube channel with my one of my two best friends. Finally my sunglasses are Forever 21 and they have a cool reflective surface to add to the glamour. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Happy 4th!

It was the Fourth of July this last week and I had an absolutely amazing day. I went back to my home town to celebrate, as they have one of the largest firework shows in the nation. It was so hot, so I wanted to shed some layers and let my skin see the light of day! :) And of course, my puppy needed to make an appearance as well. He's the cutest. 

My top is from H&M, my shorts are from Abercrombie & Fitch, and my shoes are from Loft.
Barley, my puppy rocked a red bandanna that I borrowed from my Dad. 

Happy Fourth from us. May we always strive for freedom for every person no matter what makes them different. In the end we are all humans, and we all have the capacity for love. So that is what we should do Love. Love covers a multitude of sins, and love shows that we are not so different after all.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Boise Music Festival!

This last weekend I went to Boise Music Festival with two of my closest friends, and we had an amazing time. Austin Mahone, Hey Violet, Sean Kingston, The Band Perry, and Flo Rida all performed. It was super hot, and really sunny, so my outfit had to be breathable, but still cute (trying to catch that cutie Austin Mahone's eye ;). I also wanted to feature my signature colour, light pink . 

My Dress is from TJ, Maxx, and my shoes are Vans. My bralette is from Victoria's Secret, and my hat is from a souvenir shop in NYC. My Earrings are from H&M and my bracelet is from Nordstrom Rack. My friends and I all got free leis and I got mine in pink!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

La femme de classe

Classic pieces are essential for a wardrobe. They work in so many different ways and are so worth their investments. I would definitely say that a classic button up is an essential and I love this one
This blouse is from Abercrombie and Fitch and the jeans are from TJ Maxx. The shoes are H&M and the sunnies are Forever 21.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sunny Satuday

It was an absolutely perfect day. The summer is finally settling in, and the warmth was perfect. My bestie and I ventured through the Saturday Farmers market, and spent some time downtown, so my outfit had to be comfortable and breathable.

My dress and earrings are from Francesca's. My shoes are Steve Madden, and my bag is Calvin Klein. My sunglasses are from a boutique in my hometown. (but could be an easy and super fun DIY!)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Il est mai

It is finally May and the perfect time to bring in the pastels! Pastels are my favourite. Especially pink, and this outfit just screams me!
My jeans are from TJ Maxx, and my shoes are from H&M. The bodysuit is from Abercrombie and Fitch, and the sunglasses are second hand.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Weekend

This was such a wonderful weekend! It was a weekend of celebration, and a time to give thanks for the sacrifice God made for us. I have my outfits for both the Good Friday communion service, and the Easter Vigil mass.

For the Vigil, I went with this beautiful lilac dress from Nordstrom, a white cardigan from TJ Maxx, and some floral flats from H&M. My friend's dress is from Marshall's.

For Good Friday, the outfit was more solemn so I went with this black dress and a pussy bow blouse layered underneath from LC Lauren Conrad. The coat is from Dillard's, the boots are my trusty Franco Sarto's and my handbag is Calvin Klein.  

Friday, March 31, 2017

Last Day of March

As March is coming to a close, the weather has been all over the place. While it was in the 70's (Fahrenheit) last week, It was actually kind of cold this week. Because of this unpredictable weather, one of the best things to have is an outfit that can adapt with the daily weather of Idaho. This outfit for me was great just because it was so cute, and very comfortable.

My dress is from Forever 21 and so are my tights. My Cardigan is from DownEast, and my shoes are Charlotte Russe. The Sunglasses are Forever 21 and the belt is from Dillards.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Pop of Pink

It has been so nice lately and I am loving it. It was so nice to finally ditch those extra layers and focus just on the outfit. That was why it was so great to try this outfit out. A lot of the pieces in this outfit are great pieces that I just don't know how to wear. However when I put this outfit together I found a combination action that was very unique but still perfectly stylish

The t-shirt is from Aeropostale and the shirt is from Ross. The hat is Forever 21 and the shoes are converse. The leggings are from Sam's club(weird I know but sometimes places like that can have great pieces)  

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Weekend in SLC

This last weekend I went to Salt Lake City to visit my sister. It was such a wonderful weekend and I did quiet a bit of shopping. The weather was pretty nice, but it was still a bit chilly.
On Friday I went out to dinner with my sister and her friend Bella. The dress is secondhand, but the cardigan I am wearing is from J. Crew.
On Saturday My Sister and I did some shopping. My jacket is from Forever 21, the scarf is from H&M, and the trousers are from Old Navy. 
After a day of shopping we headed out to a masquerade ball. 
To finish off  the weekend we headed up to Park City to shop at the outlet mall and walk around the Olympic Park. My Jumper is borrowed from my sister and the shirt underneath is from H&M. The Jeans are from Gap, the boots are Sperry Topsider, and the handbag is Calvin Klein.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Still Winter

Sadly it is still winter here, and I am done with it. However, winter is a good excuse to wear cute boots and great jackets. There is so much snow here and it is constantly below freezing so the outfit cannot just be cute; it has to be practical as well. That is what I love so much about this outfit
The coat, boots, earings and blazer are all from Forever 21. The top and jeans are from Gap and the necklace is from Urban Outfitters. This outfit was super cute, but also really warm and practical.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017



To finish up the winter break, My family and I went to Cancun to find some warmth. It was absolutely amazing, and very relaxing; just what was needed before a new semester. I spent most of the trip in bikinis and shorts, but I did spend New Years Eve there. All of the outfits are breezy, and free. Something that looked great, but was not to hot.

                                            This first swimsuit is a favourite of mine.
This swimsuit is from Fred Meyer, and I have had it for about a year.

This Second Swimsuit is very economically friendly
This suit is from Primark and the bottom and top each cost 3 pound 50

This Was New Years Eve
This Catsuit is a favourite of mine, and I actually have worn it in an earlier blog post. It is from a little boutique up in Bozeman Montana, and  the shoes are Giani Bini.

The next evening, I wore another one of my favourites
All of these pieces have been in previous posts but never all in one outfit. The playsuit is from Kohl's LC Lauren Conrad, the Kimono is from TJ Maxx, and the sandals are from Loft.

On Monday we went on a tour of the Mayan Reservation, and went and saw Chichen Itza. At the reservation, we were able to swim in the sink hole.

The suit that I am wearing here is from Old Navy.

This top is from Hollister, and the shorts are from Old Navy

On Wednesday the weather was perfect and we spent the entire day by the beach.
This suit is from a little boutique in Victoria Canada, and the Cardigan is from Walmart. The hat is from Forever 21

Thank you so much Fiona for taking my pictures on this trip
Her suit is from Target, and her cardigan is from TJ Maxx.

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