Saturday, December 24, 2016

Freezing Days

It is literally freezing here. It has been below freezing all week, so i have needed to be prepared for anything. I have been drowning myself in layers while still trying my hardest to look chic at this time. With Christmas just around the corner, there was a lot to do. Because of this the outfit had to be practical enough for a long days wear. This outfit definitely fit the bill.

The coat and pants are from Forever 21, and the scarf is from Gap. The bag is secondhand and the jumper is from Loft. My boots are my ever trusty Franco Sarto Chelsea Boots.

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year too.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Starting to Snow

The snow has come and I am so happy it has. Cold weather is my favourite and the snow is the perfect accompinant to Christmas. It was not too cold this day because there was a pretty heavy fog, but it was still cold enough to to warrant layers. 
The coat is from Altered State and the scarf is from Primark. The socks are Aeropostale and the shoes are Charlotte Russe. The Dress is from Loft and my cardigan is from Gap. 

Musee de Beaux Arts

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