Saturday in Sun Valley

This last Saturday I decided  to drive up to Ketchum, Idaho and meet my parents there. It was my day off so it was a great way to get out and relax, while still making the most of the day. While we were there we drove up to the Sun Valley resort and saw some ice skating (yes in the middle of summer). It was truly an amazing day, and the weather was so much more pleasant than it has been here; only about 80 F. This gave me a little more room with what I could wear.

So my dress is from Abercrombie and Fitch, but it is second hand. It has a cool layer affect so that there is a main bodice, but the back layer drapes over it. My bralette is from Victoria's Secret and my cardigan is from DownEast Basics. They are both go to pieces for me. My shoes are from H&M and I talked about them in my video on my YouTube channel with my one of my two best friends. Finally my sunglasses are Forever 21 and they have a cool reflective surface to add to the glamour. 


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