To finish up the winter break, My family and I went to Cancun to find some warmth. It was absolutely amazing, and very relaxing; just what was needed before a new semester. I spent most of the trip in bikinis and shorts, but I did spend New Years Eve there. All of the outfits are breezy, and free. Something that looked great, but was not to hot.

                                            This first swimsuit is a favourite of mine.
This swimsuit is from Fred Meyer, and I have had it for about a year.

This Second Swimsuit is very economically friendly
This suit is from Primark and the bottom and top each cost 3 pound 50

This Was New Years Eve
This Catsuit is a favourite of mine, and I actually have worn it in an earlier blog post. It is from a little boutique up in Bozeman Montana, and  the shoes are Giani Bini.

The next evening, I wore another one of my favourites
All of these pieces have been in previous posts but never all in one outfit. The playsuit is from Kohl's LC Lauren Conrad, the Kimono is from TJ Maxx, and the sandals are from Loft.

On Monday we went on a tour of the Mayan Reservation, and went and saw Chichen Itza. At the reservation, we were able to swim in the sink hole.

The suit that I am wearing here is from Old Navy.

This top is from Hollister, and the shorts are from Old Navy

On Wednesday the weather was perfect and we spent the entire day by the beach.
This suit is from a little boutique in Victoria Canada, and the Cardigan is from Walmart. The hat is from Forever 21

Thank you so much Fiona for taking my pictures on this trip
Her suit is from Target, and her cardigan is from TJ Maxx.


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