Saturday, October 29, 2016

Top it All Off

Autumn is my favourite season! I love the colours and the weather so much. It just screams a nice book, a cup of tea, and a cozy sweater. But it also screams fashion. Fall Fashion is the best an I am just embracing it full on. 
I love this outfit it is perfect for fall. The hat is from icing, and the boots are Charolette Russe. The jeans are Aeropostale, the top is H & M, an the necklace is Urban Outfitters. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Hint of Wine

Autumn is my favourite season because it is the best for fashion! There is a lot of layering but not so much that an outfit is compromised. The colours are also perfect for my hair and skin tone. The leaves changing and the cooler weather make this the perfect outfit.
The dress is from American Eagle and my cardigan is from Walmart (Shocking, but sometimes they have great things for good prices!! Keep an eye open) My hat is from Nordstrom and my OTK boots are from TJ Maxx.

Thank you Fiona for taking pictures!! (The cutie in the picture below and also my sister. She's the attractive one (: )

Musee de Beaux Arts

 Aujourd'hui We went to the Musee de Beaux Arts pour one of my classes. It was so beautiful and such an amazing architectural piec...