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Falling for October

Wow! Don't you just love fall! Well I definitely do. It is by far my favourite season. The fashion is fabulous, the trees are stunning, the cozy drinks are perfect (salted caramel mocha), and nothing beats a nice cozy jumper when you don't know what to wear.  I was ecstatic for the new season and just went all out with an autumn inspired outfit. 
So my jeans are Lucky Brand, and my rust orange t-shirt is from Forever 21. Both my shawl and my necklace are from TopShop, and my shoes are from Forever 21. My hat (which I love) is from Nordstrom.

To round off the day I had to go to District Coffee House (The best coffee shop in Boise in my opinion) and get a chai tea latte and a warm croissant

As fall settles in, don't forget to appreciate all the gifts that God has given us. Be thankful for the times spent with family and friends, and the moments spent just with yourself. Don't waste the time you've been given and make the most of each day.
Love, Mary

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